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Treatment of Vietnam vets ‘a national shame’: Obama

June 03, 2012

Treatment of Vietnam vets 'a national shame': Obama (via AFP)

President Barack Obama on Monday said the treatment of returning Vietnam veterans had been a national shame and disgrace and pledged no repeat for US military personnel serving in today's war zones. In a speech marking Memorial Day at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, where the names of 58,000…

Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures

    If Pres. Obama thinks it is a shame, why doesnt he treat it like a national emergency and jump in with both feet and correct the VA. I have had 4-5 Strokes by age53 and 1 heart attack age 65. I have sleep apnea and high blood pressure with high cholesteral. Approval for Service Connection from the Minneapolis VA Hospital, but not from VA. Who is the VA working for? Who are they looking after?

    • admin Reply

      Those are very good questions Alvin.

  2. Bruce Kent Reply

    History has shown that one party with the logo of a jackass had the keys to the car in the '60s, '70s, '80s and most of the '90s. That same party president started that war. I think Obama was giving one of his "American is sorry speaches. Obama needs the Viet Nam era Vets to get reelected. I did not buy this speech for a number of reasons. Reagan  was no help either to the Vets he cut many programs to Vets to balance the budget.  Rule #1. "Don't belive anything the government or politician says".

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