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VA director email: ‘Where is my Christmas present?’

Protecting our veterans' children

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The former Calhoun County Veteran’s Affairs director who resigned on Monday had sent emails to military veterans that asked for “pain meds,” Christmas presents and other gifts, as well as a cut of their benefits, in return for his help, according to documents obtained today by 24 Hour News 8.

In another email, he appeared to demand a fee for getting a veteran $100,000 from the VA, saying he had saved the veteran a 20-percent attorney’s fee.

“Not only did I do a much better job developing his case, but I would never have requested 20 percent,” he wrote. “We agreed to 5 percent, a WAY MORE THAN FAIR rate given the amount of work dedicated. When I work claims on behalf of veterans who reside in Calhoun County, I MUST work these cases on my own time…All I ask in return is a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ to recognize and compensate for my work at home. In the end, there are no contracts, just a hand shake acknowledgement,” he wrote.


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
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