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VA empire strikes back — bureaucrats vs. veterans’ health

VA Scandal 2014-15

VA Scandal 2014-15

The ink is barely dry on the 8.6 million “Choice Cards” that supposedly allow vets to see a doctor outside the delay-plagued VA system. But Obama’s budget tries to snatch the $10 billion allocated for choice and let VA top administrators spend it however they want. It’s a sickening betrayal.

What’s needed is a system that puts vets in the driver’s seat, letting them take their medical-care funding wherever they choose. On Feb. 26, a bipartisan task force assembled by Concerned Veterans for America will unveil such a plan. It’s already attracting support of powerful lawmakers, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif), and Miller.

“It’s not about money,” says Hegseth. “The VA wants to perpetuate its dysfunctional system” by keeping vets from choosing to go elsewhere for care.


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
Widow of a Vietnam veteran exposed to Agent Orange and founder of Agent Orange Legacy.
  1. Willie Reply

    My dad died May 2009 at long beach va hospital I believe he May have survived a few years longer from cancer with proper treatment. He was on hospice care not treatment.

    • LOVME Reply

      I’m sorry for your loss Willie. I agree with you about this issue. I believe my husband would have lived longer if he had had proper treatment.

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