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VA won’t say how many veterans die waiting for disability benefits

How many have died waiting?

In half a dozen calls and emails, The Baltimore Sun asked the VA over a period of about two weeks for information about its backlog to process disability claims for American veterans — and the consequences of the delays on servicemen and servicewomen.

The Sun’s report showed the Baltimore office, which handles claims for all of Maryland’s 450,000 veterans, is the worst performing in the country. The local office was the slowest and had the highest error rate in the U.S., according to latest information available.

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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Jackie Crawford Reply

    I’ve been hearing about this way too much as of late. The amount of time that Vets have to wait for their benefits to kick in is absurd. I’ve been working with my dad, who is well in to his 70’s, to find out what benefits he’s entitled to as he gets older, along with how the VA system works. I just read a great book that I think would be a great resource to others as well. The book is called “Crack the VA” by Barbara Steinberg. You can check out her site and the book at Thanks for this post, I will definitely be passing it along to others who have parents who are Vets!

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