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Veteran exposed to agent orange stateside granted service connection

May 30, 2011

Veteran exposed to agent orange stateside granted service connection

Veteran exposed to herbicides while stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama in 1969 was granted service connection for diabetes mellitus, type II and bilateral proliferative diabetic retinopathy.


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Jeannine P Pafume Reply

    I just found out about this connection a week and a half ago. The VA has done a horrible job notifying individuals about the chemical exposures we all sufferered. I did basic training at Ft. McLellan from 12/89 to 03/90. I just filed my paperwork with the VA this week. I suffered from stage 4 endometriosis and infertility for years. Finally had a total hysterectomy in 2003 and still have pelvic pain to this day. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It is a struggle. Hope that the VA grants me my service connected disability. I will keep fighting.

  2. Henry McCracken Reply

    Where do I sign the Agent Orange Registry…I had been stationed on Okinawa 1966-67
    and at Fort McClellan in 1976 and again in 1995…Since then I have had colon cancer surgery ( signet ring cell) , a cancer removed from the back of my stomach, two skin cancers from my neck and a tumor and part of my right lung removed…any help will be appreciated

  3. Susie Hill Reply

    I have been mysteriously sick for years! I was stationed at Ft. McCllelan in 1973. I didn’t know anything about this until a few days ago! Who is able to help us with this? I am angry, very angry. My son has problems with his kidneys, 12 kindney stones at a time, since he was 12 years old! I looked up the symptoms of Agen Orange exposure and I have about 90% of them, including HyperSomnia which I have been dealing with since the 90’s. How do we get evaluated for this? Arrrrrgggggggg!

  4. Beverly Gusler Reply

    I had my stomach removed from cancer. I was stationed at Fort McCllen in 1959. I had two children that were born with a heart problem in the sixty's and one daughter born in 1965 that just died of cancer. I belive it is due to my service at Fort McCllean. I was dinied service connection by the VA this past week. email me if you have same problems.

  5. Beverly Gusler Reply

    I took basic traing at Fort McCllean in 1959. I have had stomach cancer and had my whole stomcah removed. The army has denied my claim as being related to the chemicals in Agent Orange. I had two son's born in l961, 1967, born with a heart proble one died. A daughter born 1965 that just died of cancer. Hoshkin lempoma. I think is how it is spelled. I belive all related to the chencials at Fort McClellan.

  6. Lawrence Iorio Reply

    I took my AIT at ft Mccallan Alabama.I filed a claim for agent orange. does anyone have a n answer for me about claims for agent orange at the base. I have a hardship status I also have a disabled son . seems month after month we get no where can anyone assist us in our Claim. any and all would be helpful;

  7. carol knight Reply

    i was at fort McClellan in 1969 and have had so many surguries on hands and 3 spine surgeries to date and am plated front and back of c spine.  Have had diabetes for 15 years and so many neurological problems and never knew why

  8. Sgt Vandergrift Reply

    I have been fighting the VA on service related disabilities for some time (17yrs). Diabetes, skin lesions and heart issues. Initial Gulf deployment – never stepped foot in theater though – removing "sensitive items" from europe in 92 – stationed at Ft. Mac for training for half of 92 – down to honduras in 93 – off to Johnston Island in 94 where we "disposed" of a variety of chemical weapons – back to Ft mac for more training in the end of 94 – then to Ft Hood where I got out – My revue board is the 25th of this month, feverishly going through medical records again and praying for some form of respite – I came across this site – Lord moves in mysterious ways. Bless you for being there, hope this puts a "finality in my favor" – God Bless

  9. Mary Lynch-Clay Reply

    I was station at Ft. McClellan, AL in 1977.  I took my basic training there.  I just filed my paperwork with VA and I am waiting to hear from them now.

    • admin Reply

      Thank you for your comment. We wish you the best of luck and hope the VA processes your claim in a timely manner. We now have moved our support community to our website. You can join and connect with others affected by their parent(s) exposure to agent orange. We also will be adding a page covering FAQs.

    • Diane Spicer Reply

      I was in basic at Ft Mac back in 1977. since then I have had many medical problems. just where can I start for file with the VA, I am 62 but have suffered for more than 30 years. Just who do I contact?

      • LOVME Reply

        So sorry for delayed response. Here is a link with all the info we have available about benefits>>>

  10. Joe Eads Reply

    I was exposed to chemicals at Fort McClellan Alabama in 1984 and still have chloracne and other symptoms to this day

  11. cecil w conrad Reply

    I was at Ft McClellan in 1964 and 1965 . I have diabetes plus heart and many other problems.  My daughter was born without eyes,right side of Brain smaller then left, wheelchair bound with other problems caused by agent Orange. My Doctor said my heart problems was due to agent orange.

  12. Sue Frasier Reply

    The "official" reporting page for The Fort McClellan Health Registery Act for PCB exposure military service is located at the following FaceBook link below. Thanks.
    Sue Frasier, Army 1970, Lead Activist for the Washington Project
    Original Founder, The Fort McClellan Stakeholders Group
    Albany New York

  13. Renee Ray Reply

    I went to Basic and AIT and graduated from Fort McClellan Alabama.  (Private Carolyn Renee Ray)

  14. Jeff Wood Reply

    Started to look into this matter and this is all I found about the issue in the US Congress. With all that is posted it is up to you to research and come to your own opinion.
    111th Congress: 2009-2010<!–

    Bill numbers restart from 1 every two years. Each two-year cycle is called a session of Congress. This bill was created in the Congress, in .
    The titles of bills are written by the bill’s sponsor and are a part of the legislation itself. GovTrack does not editorialize bill summaries.

    To direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a registry of certain veterans who were stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama, and for other purposes.
    Sponsor: Rep. Paul Tonko [D-NY21]
    This bill never became law. This bill was proposed in a previous session of Congress. Sessions of Congress last two years, and at the end of each session all proposed bills and resolutions that haven't passed are cleared from the books. Members often reintroduce bills that did not come up for debate under a new number in the next session.

  15. Mark Jernigan Reply

    I was stationed at Ft McClellan for Infantry AIT in the summer of 1968. Although it seemed unremarkable at the time, I now remember seeing the Agent Orange (AO) barrels stacked up all over the base as we marched around to various training locations. When we were deployed into densely wooded areas there were many AO dumps (and napalm drops) in our immediate area. We crawled through it and waded through streams that had an orange tinge onnthe surface. We ate it, breathed it and crawled in it.
    I now find myself totally disabled with ischemic cardiomyopathy and diabetes II and mysterious skin lesions. I seriously beleive that this constellation of disease/symptoms is directly related to AO exposure and I have applied for compensation eligibilty with the VA.

  16. Jose Alvarado Reply

    I graduated from U.S. Army chemical school at ft. Mc clellan ala june 1969

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