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Veterans exposed to chemical Agent Orange, not receiving benefit

Why would one form of skin cancer fall under Agent Orange, while another doesn't?
Protecting our veterans' children

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The CDC found the herbicide, Agent Orange , caused a number of diseases and cancers, but not all forms of cancers were put on the list, including the kind that killed Denny.

It’s the same for other forms of cancer as well, some are on the list as caused by Agent Orange, while others are not.

“Which kind of makes you wonder how do they arrive at that,” said Cloud.

“It’s frustrating. It’s maddening and I know there are plenty others out there,” said Janet.


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
Widow of a Vietnam veteran exposed to Agent Orange and founder of Agent Orange Legacy.
  1. Jackie Moriarity Reply

    My husband passed away from esophaus cancer due to agent orange at the VA hospital in Long Beach California. He served in Vietnam from 1967-1968.The government said it wasn’t caused due to exposure to agent orange but they can’t tell me what caused it

    • admin Reply

      Jackie, I’m very sorry for your loss. I have met other widows who lost their husband’s to esophageal cancer also. Some have had their claims approved but after a very long battle. You should apply if you believe your husband’s service and exposure to Agent Orange caused his cancer. You have to keep fighting and you very well could win. Here is a link to Legal Aid that you might find helpful>>>https://lovme.org/legal-aid/. We also offer a closed support group on facebook for families of veterans exposed to Agent Orange and the veteran at this link>>>https://www.facebook.com/groups/aolivingwithagentorange/. You are welcome to join but be sure to check your other inbox for a message from us. Also there are many widows in the group and one of them might have info that will be helpful to you. We also have an online memorial on this website and also have FaceBook page. If you would like to honor your husband’s memory please send image, veteran’s name, date of death, any info you have about his service, and also you believe his death was connected to exposure to Agent Orange to aolegacy@gmail.com. Here is the link to the memorial on the website>>>https://lovme.org/agent-orange-vietnam-veterans-memorial/ AND link for AOVVM memorial on facebook>>>https://www.facebook.com/aovvm.

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