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Veterans hit red tape trying to apply for VA benefits By KATE COIL

May 23, 2011

Veterans hit red tape trying to apply for VA benefits By KATE COIL

Al Hancock, chairman of the Retired Military Support Group and a retired Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam, said his fellow veterans have had questions and concerns about why some of them were denied enrollment in the VA system.

“When these men came back from military service or when they joined the military, they were not told once they left that they could be denied medical coverage,” Hancock said. “When veterans are going to enroll, they are taken aback when they find out they meet that income threshold and cannot be enrolled. You can make so much money, but that doesn’t mean you’re no longer a veteran. We weren’t told we could be denied coverage based on income.”

“There is an enrollment process all veterans must go through,” Voloski said. “There are general eligibility guidelines that must be met. Enrollment for health care benefits begin based on many factors, often connected with disabilities acquired during service. Each veteran is assigned a priority group. These priority groups are very specialized. There is no standard for registration because every veteran is different.”

Voloski said veterans can also get more detailed information about benefits through a booklet published by the VA. “We have a whole booklet of benefits for veterans that is updated each year,” Voloski said. “Anyone who has a question or wants to know more can definitely get a copy of that book or talk to someone with the VA. We are looking to help.”

Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures

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