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Vietnam vet fights VA for cancer/heart treatment

Protecting our veterans' children

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Sam has had several medical problems since serving in Vietnam. He had a triple bypass in his thirties. He’s had a stroke, and now he’s suffering from esophageal cancer. Sam is a former smoker, but he claims his health problems were caused by Agent Orange. The Veterans Administration disagrees, and the American Cancer Society says no link has been found between Agent Orange and cancer.

“I was there where they sprayed it,”  said Sam.

Vietnam veteran and advocate Paul Labbe is fighting to have the VA provide more benefits to Patrick Sam.

“He needs aid and attendance,” said Labbe. “He’s being fed through his stomach. Enough though they don’t admit esophageal cancer, they know it was caused by drinking the Agent Orange that was put into the water supply where he worked.”

Meanwhile, Sam and Labbe continue their fight as Sam makes trips to Alexandria for treatment.

Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
Widow of a Vietnam veteran exposed to Agent Orange and founder of Agent Orange Legacy.

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