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Vietnam Veterans can file for retroactive benefits

August 27, 2011

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Vietnam-era veterans who had boots on the ground in Vietnam and have medical diagnoses for three presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure need to file their disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs by Aug. 30 in order to qualify for up to one year of retroactive benefits.

Widows and widowers whose spouses have died from Agent Orange presumptive conditions may also qualify for retroactive benefits and are encouraged to file for dependent indemnity compensation by Aug. 30.

File your claim at VA Fast Trackby August 30, 2011 for retroactive benefits.

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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Andrew Dalessandro Reply

    I just received another denial from the VA for a claim for Peripheral Neuropathy . Naturally They cite the fact that I didn't have it within the alloted time of initial exposure . Yet if tommorow I get dibetes or God forbid Prostate cancer They pay Me . Don't know How They determined the  time requirement . I also have a Thyroid condition which popped up about the same time .

  2. David Holmes Reply

    If I went to my VA rep on 8/19/11 and was told I need my DD2-14 in order to file a claim and I could not find it, then I ordered it online that day, this is proof I requested it on 8/19/11, they sent the form out by mail on 8/31/11, I received it on 9/5/11, brought it down to VA office, they took information from
     my claim but did not submit it until 10/4/11, can I still collect the 1 year retro-active due to there delay, I feel the rep should of submitted something on 8/19/11 to secure the file date,  the VA where I ordered my DD-214 forms from have it in the computer system  that I requested it on 8/19/11, can this be proof of my attempt to file a claim.

    • admin Reply

      Hi David,
      So sorry but I do understand your frustration. I don’t think I’m the best person to ask this question really. I think the that sending mail certified is really the only way you can prove that received it and on what date. When you send mail certified you get a receipt. In the future I would recommend you send such things certified. Otherwise the only things you can do is to call and write them until you get satisfaction or write your Senator explaining this situation. It is often necessary to write your Senator. I know I had to many times to get my husband the help he deserved. Sincerely, Sharon L. Perry, Founder

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