Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
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Vietnam War Exposures

Vietnam War (Nov. 1, 1965-April 30, 1975)
Limited Exposures Recognized by VA
The VA only recognizes a limited number of Vietnam war exposures. Although there were multitudes of harmful toxins our veterans were exposed to during their service. Click Here to view a list of chemicals used during the Vietnam war.
Agent Orange Registry Health Exam
Vietnam Veterans may have been exposed to a variety of environmental and chemical hazards that carried potential health risks. VA offers eligible Veterans Agent Orange Registry health exam for possible long-term health problems related to herbicide exposure. Learn more

Agent Orange Dioxin Approved Cancers and Sickness List

Agent Orange Dioxin Approved Cancers and Sickness for Male Veterans are as follows;
Vietnam, Korea in 1968/69 or Laos in 1968/69

Toxic Military Exposures

Agent Orange and Other Herbicides

Herbicides used to destroy foliage and crops. Learn more

Occupational Hazards

Exposures from working with chemicals, paints, and machinery during service. Learn more

Non-Toxic Military Exposures

Hepatitis C

Vietnam-era Veterans are at risk for hepatitis C. Talk to your provider about getting tested. Learn more


Harmful sounds from guns, equipment, and machinery that is often experienced during service. Learn more

Other Vietnam War Exposures

  • Malathion

    During the Vietnam War, large numbers of troops came down with malaria. To kill the mosquitoes that carried the disease, the Department of Defense converted aircraft that were spraying Agent Orange to the spraying of Malathion. This was the start of Operation Flyswatter. Learn More

Source: Department of Veterans Affairs

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