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Agent Orange was tested in Panama some individual veterans have been able to receive compensation even though VA does not recognize Panama as one of the locations Agent Orange was used.
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Attention Veterans and Families
If you served at or were stationed at Panama you and your family could have been exposed to Agent Orange.

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  • US Veterans of Panama

  • Agent Orange in Panama

    Agent Orange in Panama Facebook Group. The Group's goals are to Locate, Investigate, Educate, Assist, and Legislate. Join Agent Orange Panama on Facebook.
  • You served in Panama! Do you have a claim pending for illinesses caused by AO? appeal low rating, If Not, file/refile for exposure to AO in Panama. Learn more
  • The only real issue is proving exposure (all persons who served in Vietnam are presumed to have been exposed.) Learn more

Agent Orange/Dioxin Usage Outside of Vietnam

The VA has received a listing from the Defense Department of locations outside of Viet Nam
where Agent Orange was used or tested over a number of years. The information gives
periods of time, locations and chemicals used. It does not contain units involved or
individual identifying information.

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