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Agent Orange Okinawa Facebook Page

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Attention veterans and families of veterans having either served or were stationed at Okinawa.
There is a group of veterans who served at Okinawa and were exposed to Agent Orange. They have information that you should find helpful or could provide additional evidence for a claim. Contact Information for Agent Orange Okinawa: Joe Sipala by visiting Agent Orange Okinawa on Facebook
  • U.S. veterans speak about its harm to their health and their struggle for justice. Learn more
  • The U.S. government has repeatedly maintained that it has no records pertaining to the use of Agent Orange in Okinawa. Learn more
  • A local mayor is urging the Japanese government to investigate whether the U.S. buried dozens of barrels of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War at a former U.S. base that was returned to the town three decades ago. Learn more
  • The Pentagon has once again denied allegations that the U.S. military buried the highly toxic defoliant Agent Orange in Okinawa, the Foreign Ministry said. Learn more
  • In the past, one of the main obstacles to veterans forming a united front on this issue was the bureaucratic and geographical difficulties of tracking down those with corroborating experiences. Joe Sipala has been at the forefront of breaking down this barrier with the creation of “Agent Orange Okinawa,” a focus group on Facebook. Learn more
  • I expect that the brass in Washington will keep on denying ever having authorized the use of the defoliant anywhere near Okinawa. Learn more