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Exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam

Exposure on land in Vietnam or on a ship operating on the inland waterways of Vietnam between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975
We're You Exposed
As an adult child or grandchild (offspring) of a Vietnam veteran one of the most important things you must do is determine what toxins your grand/parent might have been exposed to during their service.

If your parent wasn't a combat veteran and didn't have boots on the ground your aren't out of the woods yet.

Even veterans who did not go to Vietnam were exposed to agent orange and other toxic substances.

If that is the case then you could have been exposed directly or in utero.
Please be sure to visit The Chemical-Biological Warfare Exposures Site to access more information about CB testing conducted years ago that potentially could have effected the health of your parent veteran.

In some cases, military families were exposed to contaminated drinking water, i.e. Camp Lejeune. Therefore, many of our service members have had multiple exposures.

What that means is that you could have been exposed in-urtero or directly to other toxic substances, in addition, to suffering from intergenerational effects of Agent Orange.

Everyday it seems that we learn of one more place that Agent Orange was used by the US military. The list keeps getting longer by the day.

This list also includes US bases and other locations where the US military (DOD) conducted experiments using Agent Orange. There are various locations throughout the US where agent orange and the 'rainbow herbicides' were manufactured, dumped, buried and/or burned.

Many of these locations, some of which were also used to build homes or were residential areas, are referred to as Superfund Sites which have been closed and are slated for clean up.
We've have also learned that there are several US military bases besides Camp Lejeune where veterans and their families were exposed to contaminated drinking water and/or other toxic substances.

There have been many military experiments the US government and US military conducted, some with the soldier's knowledge some without. We will try to provide that information here or links where you can learn more.

Our Blue Water Navy has been jilted and barred from receiving Agent Orange related benefits and/or compensation. There are lists of ships available on the internet that do qualify for Agent Orange benefits, but unfortunately, that leaves many Blue Water Navy veterans without the medical care and compensation they've earned.

There is a list of Blue Water Navy ships that were docked in Nam or did other work in the inland waters. Sailors that were aboard those ships were considered exposed to Agent Orange.

What all this means is that you very well could be suffering from the intergenerational effects of Agent Orange. Be sure you know where your dad or mom served and where he/she was exposed, not just to Agent Orange either, but make an effort to rule out any of the many experiments, top-secret or public knowledge, which the US military has conducted over the years.

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