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VVA Legislative Agenda & Policy Initatives March 6, 2013

VVA Legislative Agent & Policy Initiatives 2013

Testimony of VVA Presented by John Rowan, National President/CEO before the House and Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committees Regarding VVA Legislative Agenda & Policy Initiatives March 6, 2013.

The legislation we have crafted , which we are calling the Veterans’ Family Preservation, Health Maintenance, and Research Act of 2013, embraces these elements:

• A veteran’s military medical/health history shall be a mandatory piece
of the electronic patient medical treatment system to be developed in
concert with the national rollout of this system;

• A datab ase registry within the Veterans Health Administration, the
VHA, modeled on the VA’s Hepatitis C Registry, shall be established
for veterans exposed to Agent Orange/ dioxin that would replace the
current registry; similar registries shall be established
for the Persian Gulf War, Operations Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn and Enduring
Freedom, the Global War on Terror, and other significant
deployments, e.g., Bosnia, Somalia, the Philippines; and for any duty
station in CONUS, e.g., Camp Lejeune,Air Station El Toro, or
overseas military installation, e.g. Guam, Okinawa, potentially
contaminated by toxic substances;

• A national Center for the Treatment and Research of Health
Conditions suffered by the Progeny of Veterans Exposed to Toxic
Substances during their military service shall be established;

•An Advisory Committee to oversee the work done at the Center, and
to advise the Secretaries of Health and Human Services and Veterans
Affairs on issues related to the research, care, and treatment provided
for in this bill, as well as on the benefits and services needed by the
progeny of veterans exposed to toxic substances during their military
service, also shall be established;

• An Office of Extramural Research, the focus of which shall be on
environmental studies of toxic exposures and other hazards
experienced by troops during their service in the United States
military, shall be established, and funded on its own dedicated budget
line, by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs;

• An Extramural Research Advisory Council to advise the Secretary of
Veterans Affairs and the Director of Extramural Research on guidelines
for research proposals and to weigh the evidence of various
epidemiological studies on the health effects of toxic exposures on
veterans and their progeny, shall also be established; and

• A coordinated, ongoing, national outreach and education campaign
using such means as direct mail, on-line media, social media, and
traditional media to communicate information about such exposures
and health conditions,as well as the existence of the National Center
to all eligible U.S military veterans and their families affected by
incidents of toxic exposures, shall be conducted.

Testimony of VVA Presented by John Rowan, National President/CEO by

Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures